Have severe acne? Get rid of it with as few as 3 treatments with the AviClear® laser!

Now available at BotoxRN: an incredible laser device that can help treat acne vulgaris WITHOUT a prescription

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What is AviClear®?

If you are dealing with an acne outbreak, you are not alone. Millions of Texans deal with acne breakouts on a regular basis. It can cause quite a bit of distress, regardless of your age. For some, prescription medication was the only method for treating mild to severe acne—until now.

BotoxRN is pleased to offer groundbreaking acne treatment with the power of AviClear™. AviClear™ is the first and only energy device cleared by the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) for the treatment of mild to severe facial acne. The device’s 1726 nm (nanometer) wavelength treats acne at the source through the effective and safe targeting and suppression of the sebaceous gland.

A device that is designed with your comfort in mind as a patient, this device is enhanced with patented AviCool™ technology that cools on contact for a safe treatment experience.

AviClear™ is available at both of our Sugar Land and Greenway Plaza (Houston) locations.

(1) multiple treatments may be necessary depending on severity of your acne. You will be given a free consultation that will inform you of your appropriate treatment plan.

How it works

Acne is caused by excessive sebum (oil) production in the skin. This excessive oil, along with dead skin cells, starts clogging hair follicles. Combined with bacteria, this inflames the skin and leads to your acne breakout. AviClear™ uses the power of laser light to target and suppress sebaceous glands.

AviClear™ is a laser treatment that is safe, effective, and offers a prescription-free solution for acne. Not only can it reduce existing acne—it can also reduce the intensity and duration of future breakouts. The best part? This is a painless procedure!

See what our clients say!

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    Zeynab Updy Lahi
    2 weeks ago

    I had an excellent experience at this medical spa. Visited this medical spa for a laser hair
    removal treatment and I was blown away by the professionalism and expertise of the
    staff here. They were also friendly and accommodating. The environment
    … More was relaxing
    and inviting too. The results were fantastic and I couldn’t be happier with my experience.
    I would highly recommend this spa to anyone looking for top notch medical spa services.
  • Avatar

    Richard Gilbert
    3 weeks ago

    I had my first ever tattoo removal Houston experience in my life with them. I have
    to say this has been the best decision I made. The prices for the services were
    reasonable and I appreciated that there were no high-pressure sales tactics
    … More to
    purchase additional treatments. I feel confident before and after my time here.
    Looking forward to going back to see them in the future.
  • Avatar

    alondra ruiz
    6 months ago

    This was my first time getting filler in my lips and Alonso did an excellent job talking me through it before, during, and after the procedure! I am super pleased with the results despite being a little nervous going into it. The whole … More staff made me feel very comfortable and was thorough about asking what I wanted and making sure I knew the steps for aftercare. I’ll definitely be coming back next time for another round!

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